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Carnac, situated 30 km west of Vannes, is the most important prehistoric site in Europe, hosting the biggest concentration of megaliths in the world, with more than three thousand mysterious huge stones roughly dating back between 5000 and 3500 b.C.


The area of the site is easily visible from the road, and is divided into three fields: the Alignments of Menec, with 1099 stones laid down in 11 rows, Alignments of Kermario, 1029 menhir laid down in 10 rows, and the Alignments of Kerlescan, with 555 stones. The Alignment of Le Menec and Kermario are definitely the most spectacular ones.


The best way to enjoy the superb scenery is by bicycle. You can rent a bike in Carnac and proceed on the Road D196 which winds through the prehistoric site. In summer, from June to September, a shuttle service is available from Carnac, connecting the village with the prehistoric site.


Among the numerous menhir, the Grand Menhir Bris├ę is particularly worthy of note, with its 20 metres height, it is the biggest of the region.


Unfortunately the stone was probably broken by an earthquake, and today the 4 trunks lie down on the place where the original megalith once stood, giving an idea of its past magnificence.


The area is also rich of dolmen and tumulus. Very famous is the Dolmen des Pierres Plates , engraved with carvings, and the ancient Kercado, which is thought to be the ancient burial place of a tribe chief.


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