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Brittany gastronomy


Brittany is a real paradise for fish and mussels lovers. Crabs, oysters, mussels, seabass, codfish, mackerels, prawns and all the best the sea has to offer is available in these latitudes. The period from September to April is ideal to try oysters, especially those of Cancale, whereas.


Saint Malò is renowned for scallops and Quiberon for lobsters.


Breton restaurants are proud of their culinary tradition, and offer "large trays filled with molluscs" , with at least six different types of crustaceans and mussels served on a bed of seaweeds, accompanied with bread and butter.


However, the two main dishes of Breton gastronomy are crepes and galettes, which represent a real regional institution. Crepes are mainly of the sweet kind, prepared with white flour, eggs and butter, and filled with jams, ice cream, chocolate, liquor and much more.


The galette, thicker and mixed with Saracen wheat flour, can be prepared in a wide range of versions (with mushrooms, ham, tomatoes or cheese).


The traditional recipes include the simple and delicious "crepe beurre-sucre" and the "galette complete" with ham, eggs and cheese.


The "Kig ha Farz" is another delicacy of the region, which certainly deserves a mention. It is made with boiled meats prepared with white and black flour and vegetables, and served with a tasty sauce, the “lipic”, made with butter and pork fat.


Brittany is also known for some fine liquors, like the "Chouchen", obtained from water and fermented honey, which origins date back from the Celts. Thanks to a low content of alcohol, about 14°, the Chouchen is one of the most appreciated aperitifs, but it is also ideal to accompany cheese, molluscs and desserts.


In almost every town and village in Brittany there is a weekly market , where the best local products are sold: vegetables, cheese, fish...
Here are a few:
Cancale – Sunday morning vegetables and oyster every day from 9 am to 19 pm.
Dinan – Thursday morning
Josselin – Saturday morning
Rennes – every day except on Sunday
Vannes – Wednesday and Saturday morning vegetable market, every morning from Tuesday to Saturday for fish.
Saint Malò – Tuesday and Friday morning