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Events in Brittany



Brittany offers one of the liveliest and picturesque calendars of events and traditional feasts in Europe. Do not miss the chance to assist to one of the numerous "Fest-noz" (evening feasts with lots of food, music and dances), taking place in the towns and villages of Brittany, with women, men and kids dressed in their traditional clothing.


Another heartfelt event in Brittany is the so called "pardons", a sort of pilgrimage dedicated to the celebration of a saint or to sea blessing.


The pardon consists of a solemn ceremony starting with a mass, which is followed by liturgical songs in Breton language, , exhibition of relics and fine crosses.
To find out the dates of the pardons visit :


Lorient festival– beginning of August
The old Celtic traditions relive for 10 days in this spectacular festival, with a rich calendar of performances, games, exhibitions, traditional markets and typical dinners.


The festival boasts more than 500.000 visitors coming from the Celtic regions of Brittany, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall and Galicia, and some 4000 artists participating in the various events, making it the biggest summer event in Brittany. Concerts and dances liven up the days of the festival, in a big celebration of the Celtic identity.


On Sunday morning takes place the spectacular Parade of the Celtic Nations , with over 3500 musicians, singers and dancers dressed in national clothes and performing in the streets.


Quimper Festival– end of July
Every year in July the town of Quimper celebrates traditional music, and more in general, Breton culture. On this occasion, the old town fills up with musicians and dancers dressed in their traditional clothes, and numerous performances and concerts take place in every corner of the town. Thousands of people gather in town to join the biggest meeting of the season celebrating Breton folklore.


Fete de Remparts –Dinan ( every two years in July)
Every two years one of the biggest medieval shows of Europe is held in the town of Dinan: the event involves the entire population of Dinan, drawing more and more visitors at every edition.


The festival sees numerous performances of traditional dances and music, tournaments with 800 actors and 5000 stuntmen participating in the street parades.


During the two-days event, a colourful market is held, where tourists can also buy traditional clothes.