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Saint Mal├▓


This lovely sea town was once an outpost of the Corsairs, who forced the English ships sailing across the English Channel to pay a transit fee. Most of the town charm derives from this turbulent past. Saint Mal├▓, situated in the northern part of Brittany, is today a renowned sea resort, attracting many tourists, especially in summer.


Surrounded by impressive bastions dating back to the XVII century, from where you can enjoy spectacular dusks above the sea, Saint Mal├▓ offers numerous places of interest to visitors, like the Cathedral , with its magnificent decorated glass-windows; the Fort National, situated on a small island opposite the coast, which can be reached only with low tide; the Acquarium, located 4 km south of the town centre, the ancient Saint Mal├▓ Castle , dating from the XIV-XV century, today a museum; and the original natural swimming pool of Plage de Bon Secours, just outside the old town, which is filled with sea water coming from the high tides.


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